50 years
We are a very proactive team specializing for over 50 years
in manufacturing in China and for over 25 years
in highly added-valued promotional gifts
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What are our competencies ?

We put all our focus and attention into studying client requests in great depth to deliver the optimum solution

  • Increase your sales
  • Recruit more clients
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Increase your subscription rate
  • Launch a special promotion
  • Benefit from co-branding

We specialize in fulfilment of promotional gifts

  • Brand agreements & validation
  • R&D, design & creation
  • Tooling & molds
  • Quality control & lab testing
  • Integrated logistics chain
  • Customs & clearance
  • B to B Bulk delivery
  • Fulfilment & direct delivery

We create and deliver innovative promotional gifts produced under license

  • Exclusive brands & co-branding
  • Creativity
  • Promptness
  • Competitiveness
  • Quality
  • Respect of lead times
  • Thoroughness
  • Confidentiality

Our brand for your brand

Eternal Love is a brand having a long and beautiful history with Swarovski. The essence of the brand is creativity, passion and dynamism. The designers have an extraordinary knowledge in creating jewelry, watches and fashion accessories. Their masterpieces are elegant and precious thanks to the sparkling genuine Swarovski crystals. The key to their success is they keep up on the latest trends.

Our history with promotional gift

At ESBE, we have an in depth knowledge of doing business in China going back over 50 years. Our experience is vast and ranges from dealing with factories and their manufacturing processes, the materials they use, the tooling and molds they need to open, the injection process, the plating process , the assembly, the dyeing, the printing, the cutting and the sewing process. We have teams in the field working in real time, in charge of the sourcing and our supply chain, the coordination of operations, the certification of the factories with BV or SGS (social and technical accountancy), the monitoring of the productions workflows and the QC and the coordination of the lab testing and regulations. We create and develop our own products internally, and with freelance designers and engineers, we understand functional, technical and industrial design, prototypes and samples and trends. We are involved in licensing and co-branding. We have partnered with brands for more than 10 years, either as exclusive licensee, partner or vendor. As exclusive licensee, we are authorized to manufacture in China. This allows us to enhance our added-value strongly. Among our most popular references we have Delsey, Swarovski and Philips. Each companies design and marketing teams are a great asset and a huge source of synergies in our value chain and we take care of all the branding validations. Back to the roots, we understand the end to end supply chain, including all transportation and customs clearance requirements from Asia into our key markets. Our added value and quality of response to the markets is the fruit of very active presence in the most challenging sectors of activity such as mail order and direct marketing. We also have a long experience in press, banks or cosmetic industries. With a huge number of campaigns under our belts, we understand the marketing mechanics and we develop our products to meet the visual requirements of communication. This covers campaigns to recruit new clients or gain loyalty from existing clients with multiple marketing mechanics such as free gifts, gifts with purchase (GWP), purchase with purchase (PWP), special offers. Our markets are mainly Western, Central and Eastern Europe. We are efficient, fast and reliable. We respect the confidentiality and honor the trust our clients grant us. We are ESBE INTERNATIONAL, a team that commits and is pleased and proud to serve.

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Our brands for your promotional campaigns

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